The Empty Bottle - Valentine's Day 2016

by Suit & Tie Guy




I was invited to play the sixth annual "Synth-Chili Cook-Off" at Chicago's famous Empty Bottle nightclub, and took the invitation very seriously. I had seen a post Don Cabellero Damon Che meltdown and J Mascis's "plumber's crack" acoustic tour at this classic indie rock venue and I was not about to disappoint this venerated institution.

The rules were that I had to cook chili for a whole mess of people, and that I couldn't use a laptop or MIDI.

So I made the most serious chili I could and used _zero_ sequencers of any kind for my performance aspect. I decided to bring an actual piano, a Yamaha CP-70 electric grand, and dust it with bass plucks from my eurorack demo rig and some extra notes and loops from a Juno-6 and things on top of the piano.

I played a set of covers, "Doctor Who", "The Force" from Star Wars, and then four things from Blade Runner: "Blade Runner Blues," "Prologue," "Rachel's Song," and "End Titles."

It also happened to be the same date, Feb 14 2016, as the birth date of Pris, one of the replicants Deckard was tracking down in Blade Runner. My set was hilariously accidentally prescient.

My chili was based on a half pound of dried red chili pods from Hatch NM which I drove back from New Mexico on my return trip from the Winter NAMM convention and six pounds of chuck roast.

While I didn't get the prize, the Mexicans told me I had the only real chili that night. That's good enough for me. Some other guy can hold the trophy for all I care ...


released February 18, 2016

Suit & Tie Guy: Yamaha CP-70B Electric Grand Piano -> BSS FCS-916 Preamp/EQ -> Korg SDD-3000 Pedal, Roland Juno-6 -> TC DItto X4 Looper -> Eventide H3500DFX, STG Soundlabs Carpetbagger, Lexicon Alex

Lorenzo Vektor: photography



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